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Product Knowledge | Shun Chenghao Tiles, from the ultimate in every process

Product Knowledge | Shun Chenghao Tiles, from the ultimate in every process

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Since its establishment in 1998, Shuncheng Ceramics Group has served more than one million households. Its products are widely used in large-scale benchmark projects, and with Country Garden, China Resources Land, Helensburg, Zhongliang, Zhengrong, Fangyuan, Agile, Hongkun, Baoneng. Such well-known real estate groups establish long-term strategic partnerships.
It can be favored by consumers, the government, and many well-known real estate groups. It stems from the fact that adults are not forgetting the initial intentions, strictly control every production process, and insist on using the ingenuity to pursue excellent product quality.
What is the difference between the tiles produced by Shuncheng Ceramics Group?

01 raw materials are different

Shuncheng Ceramics Group has a professional material selection team and a large-scale raw material base with stable quality, which not only ensures the high quality of raw materials, but also ensures the long-term stable supply of raw materials. The factory has a large raw material storage area with an area of ​​more than 500 mu, which is equivalent to the total production area of ​​a medium-sized ceramics factory. It can meet the 100-day large-scale stable production supply and ensure the high quality of the products.
In the product formula of Shuncheng Group, the content of alumina is as high as 21%. Alumina ceramics have a series of excellent properties such as high mechanical strength, high insulation resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high whiteness of bricks. The procurement of high-quality raw materials and the scientific ratio are the first strong guarantee for the quality of Shuncheng ceramic tiles.

02 ball mill is different

It adopts advanced milling and ball milling equipment such as imported Italian LB company “Shengong Fast Grinding” equipment, and the raw material particles are up to 300 mesh. The small advantage of the slurry particles is that the powder particles after the post-milling are also small, which plays a vital role in the compression molding, the stability, the compactness, the water absorption, the abrasion resistance and the hardness of the tile. The slurry particles are small and well homogenized, which is the second guarantee for the excellent quality of Shuncheng tiles.

03 is not the same as iron

Iron removal is because iron impurities are generally yellow when calcined at high temperatures, which reduces the whiteness and transparency of the tiles. In particular, the coarser particles will turn brown or black after firing, which will seriously affect the decorative effect.
Shuncheng Group adopts a 18,000-Gauss induction permanent magnet automatic iron remover and a dynamic matrix magnetic system to achieve adsorption without dead zones. After three automatic iron removals, the removal rate is close to 100%. Effective iron removal ensures that the white body of the finished product is high in whiteness, warm and transparent, and stable in quality. The iron removal effect of the raw materials is good, which is the third guarantee for the excellent quality of Shuncheng tiles.

04 stale is not the same

The stale time is long, up to 72 hours. It can make the water distribution of the raw material uniform, the ion exchange is more sufficient, and the viscosity of the slurry is greatly reduced, which creates a good condition for further improving the strength of the green body and reducing the deformation of the fire. The long stale time is the fourth guarantee for the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

05 spray drying is not the same

There are three important processes in the production of wall tiles: milling, forming and firing. Milling is a very critical process. The milling is divided into two parts: ball milling and spray drying of the raw materials. After controlling the moisture and fineness of the mud in the ball milling process, the spray drying determines the quality of the green body powder, which directly affects the quality of the subsequent process: the molding properties of the powder, the uniformity of the green body, the strength of the green body, etc. In turn, it affects the physical and chemical properties of ceramic tile products. Shuncheng Group adopts secret-grade spray drying equipment and aerodynamic rotary atomizer. The powder is fine and uniform, and the quality of the powder is greatly improved. Spray drying is not the same, it is the fifth guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

06 press molding is different

Shuncheng Ceramics Group has a large number of large-scale advanced automatic presses with a maximum pressure of 16,800 tons. The Group scientifically adjusts the automatic brick press according to the shape, specifications, thickness and process performance of different products. It is suppressed by a single piece of science, and the light is lifted slowly. Defects such as cracks. The density and flatness of the product also achieve the best results, and the breaking strength and modulus of rupture are much better than the national standards, which guarantees the excellent quality of the products. Press molding is not the same, it is the sixth guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

07 brick blank is not the same

Shuncheng Ceramics Group has established a strict drying system for the body, strictly controlling the operation of the heating phase, constant velocity phase, deceleration phase and balance phase. The free water, adsorbed water and chemically bound water of the brick blank are effectively evaporated and discharged. Through the scientific drying system, one can increase the strength of the green body and facilitate the subsequent process; Secondly, it can improve the adsorption capacity of the glaze slurry; 3. Make the green body have smaller moisture into the kiln, improve the firing quality and reduce energy consumption; Improve the quality of the product. Brick slab drying is not the same, it is the seventh guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

08 color glaze is different

The Spanish TORRECID Tao Lixi, ITACA Yida color and ink, with the independent research and development of high-quality glaze, reasonable blending glaze viscosity, surface tension, elasticity, expansion, so that the glaze and the body are perfectly combined, extraordinary, regardless of Layer, no glaze, no cracking, greatly improve the quality of decoration. The color glaze is different, and it is the eighth guarantee for the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

09 is not the same

Shuncheng Ceramics Group has a world-leading intelligent temperature control furnace. The firing rate is slow, the firing time is long, and the firing temperature is high. Slow burning at a high temperature is just right. It promotes the volume shrinkage of the body, the smallest pores and the highest density. The product has good physical and chemical properties, low water absorption, high flexural strength, high Mohs hardness, antifouling and abrasion resistance, and superior quality. The physical and chemical properties are superior to the national standards, and the product quality is fully guaranteed. Burning is not the same, it is the ninth guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

10 polishing edges are different

Shuncheng Ceramics Group adopts micro-scale fine porcelain casting technology, which has evolved from the traditional flat-hardening technology to the micro-level fine polishing technology. The surface treatment of the ceramic tile has been improved by throwing away the porcelain surface by 1 mm to only 0.1 mm of the porcelain surface. The hardest surface of the porcelain surface enhances the surface hardness of the tile, and the surface texture and clarity are best guaranteed. In the edging process, it is strictly required that the size and diagonal of the tile must conform to the company's internal control standards, with high technology and high precision. Diagonal, size and flatness are much better than national standards. Polished and edging is not the same, it is the tenth guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

11 quality control grade is different

Shuncheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. is equipped with intelligent tile detectors for strict grading inspection. Inspection surface quality, length of the side of the amount, bending of the center of the amount, straightness of the measuring edge, diagonal of the amount, straight angle, antifouling test, hardness test, wear test, water absorption test, quenching and hot test, static friction coefficient test , chemical resistance test, impact resistance test, etc. Each piece of product is rigorously tested before being packaged into the warehouse to ensure that the product quality is superior to national standards. Different grades are the eleventh guarantee for the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

12 package protection is different

The box is thick and tough, the tile corner is flexible, all the machines are automatically packaged, there is wooden protection, the damage is minimal, and the customer's interests are guaranteed. The packaging protection is different, which is the twelfth guarantee of the quality of Shuncheng tiles.

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