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The Super Factory



Three modern production bases.


The total area is over 2.6 square kilometers.


40 large modern intelligent production lines.

Modern Intelligence


The daily output is approximately 400,000 square meters


The monthly output exceeds 10 million square meters


Its annual capacity exceeds 120 million square meters


It can meet the long-term demand and supply stably for large projects and home customization projects.

High Capacity

Application of the world’s advanced equipment and technology


Long-term strategic cooperation with the world's top ceramic equipment and glaze companies in Spain, Italy and Germany etc.


Long-term strategic cooperation with the world advanced ceramics on equipment and glaze.


Utilization of the world's advanced equipment, raw materials and processes for product development and production .


Master of the high and new technology of ceramic manufacture

Garden-style Plant


More than 8000 square meters of product science and technology research center


Hundreds of professionals in the design and technical team


Established work site of the Foshan Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Ceramic Engineering Technology Research And Development Center, Guangdong Ceramic Engineering Technology Research And Development Center, and Guangdong Academician And Expert Enterprise Workstation

Annual commitment of 10 million yuan in Environmental protection projects.


Full promotion of the use of technological equipment with low energy consumption and high quality.