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Intelligent Production Line

Intelligent automatic inspection equipment


Inspection of surface quality, measuring side length, measuring center curvature, measuring side straightness, measuring diagonal, measuring straight Angle, antifouling test, hardness test, abrasion test, water absorption test, rapid cooling and rapid heating test, static friction coefficient test, chemical corrosion resistance test, impact resistance test, etc. Each piece of product shall be packaged and stored only after passing strict inspection.

Inductive Magnet Automatic Iron Permanent Remover


The working magnetic field can reach up to 18,000 gausses; the raw material is pure, more transparent and whiter. The removal rate is close to be 100%, which ensures the high whiteness, temperature, transparency and stable quality of the body burnt in the later stage.

Hermetic Spray Drying Equipment


It’s an aerodynamic rotary atomizer that refine powder and improve powder quality greatly.

Numerous Advanced Intelligent Press Machine


With a large number of large advanced automatic press machine, the maximum pressure reaches up to 16800 tons. According shapes, specifications and thickness of different products, billet process performance and other factors such as scientific allocation of automatic press. Through the single scientific pressing——lift gently and slowly, the tile exhausts thoroughly to avoid defects like layered, edge bend and cracks.

Intelligent temperature-controlled furnace (600m furnace +180m cooling platform)


Each piece of tile is sintered under 1250 ℃ for 100 minutes in the 600m-long wide-body roller kiln.  After the process of high temperature and slow burning, the chemical reaction of the product at high temperature can be more thorough, and the physical and chemical properties can be more stable, especially in improving the key technical indicators such as folding resistance, antifouling and wear resistance. The 180m cooling platform is of practical and scientific significance for releasing the stress of the product and controlling the later deformation of the product.

Italian Fast Grinding Equipment


This equipment helps grind the raw material particle down to the minimum size of 300 mesh. This procedure of production is an important guarantee for firing stability, compactness, water absorption, wear resistance, hardness of tiles during press molding and sintering. 


Advanced Chemical Composition Analyzer

The chemical composition of raw materials is analyzed with high accuracy and wide range.

2+8+4 Digital Ink Jet System


The system fully displays every color pigment of the product in layers. Especially with the CRUSE scanner for graphics processing, the patterns of tile products and natural stone patterns can be completely identical.

Big Slabs Production Equipment


The maximum size of the product can be manufactured is 1800 3600mm.

AIR POWER Intelligent Glaze Spraying System


Through the intelligent design program, the module equation of pressure, speed and glaze spraying quantity is established to precisely control the glaze spraying quantity on each tile; so that the glaze spraying quantity error per square meter can be controlled within 1g and therefore achieve the super-flat glaze effect.

Cruse Ultra High-Definition Scanner from Germany


CRUSE high definition digital scanner imported from Germany is capable of scanning over 1 billion pixels each time. Such technology help restore the texture, lines and patterns of natural stones. The restoration helps perfect the overall product effect in space application.

Intelligent Polishing and Edge Grinding System


The low automatic degree to solve the current industry edge grinding machine, the degree of dependence on artificial big, operators need to adjust constantly control problem, and the digital intelligent edge grinding wheel assembly with precision electric edge grinding head, cutting edge grinding head work with current display, man-machine interface with touch, controlled cutting amount evenly, make the grinded product size is more stable, push brick adopts double servo drive, diagonal within less than or equal to 0.1 MM, very few defects.