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Foshan City, Guangdong, China

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Create a “staying space for the user and live comfortably”

Promote the sustainable development of human settlements and the environment


Do the best ceramic products in the world

Become a world-class building ceramics group

Core values

Integrity, innovation, leadership, and win-win

Enterprise spirit 

People-oriented, quality first, refined in this way, the pursuit of excellence.

Quality policy

Manufacture high quality products, provide quality service and ensure customer satisfaction

Environmental policy

Jinshan Yinshan, holding the green hills.

Enterprise concept


Business philosophy

Shun the business road, people-oriented, quality first, create a win-win situation.

Management philosophy

Shuncheng mode = institutionalization + scientific + systematic + shun culture, not only "smooth management, convincing people, smooth and smooth, and people's hearts."

Talent Concept

Honoring with dedication, contribution-based, talents as the best, diligence as the foundation, and morality as the bottom line.

Product concept

Do the best ceramic products in the world.

Brand Concept

Become a domestic famous brand, a world-class brand.

Innovative concept

Continuous innovation and the pursuit of excellence.