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Shuncheng’s star action for two years in a row, its brands occupy the headlines of China Ceramics Fair

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Shuncheng’s star action for two years in a row, its brands occupy the headlines of China Ceramics Fair

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Since 2018, Shuncheng Ceramics Group has comprehensively promoted the brand upgrading plan, and its brands have become the most eye-catching dark horse on China Ceramics Expo with excellent products and innovative brand marketing events, and powerful "energy gathering" effect.
Making Headlines: Shuncheng continues to win with star actions in two years
Ceramics Expo as one of the top events in China's ceramic industry, bearing the mission of leading the whole China's ceramic industry towards globalization, it shows the world the innovative technology and brand strength of Chinese ceramics, known as the trend-setter of China's ceramic market. Each session has become a competitive field for major ceramic brands.
In 2018 during the 32nd Ceramics Expo, Shuncheng Group's Shunhui Ceramics cooperated with the spokesperson, also an international superstar, Li Bingbing successfully held the Danqing Series product release conference. The event became the biggest hotspot of that year pottery fair.
On April 18, 2019, during the 33rd Ceramics Expo, another associated brand of Shuncheng Group, Baite Ceramics announced cooperation with famous Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming as a spokesperson to raise brand awareness. This annunciation also included a launch of three product series and new brand image. This series of eye-catching brand events has shown the "young" brand image of Baite Ceramics and also led to the occupation of event headline during the 33rd Ceramics Expo. 
Baite X Huang Xiaoming: Young, Fashion and International High-End Brand
As a young, fashionable and international high-end brand of Shuncheng Ceramics Group, Baite Ceramics has been adhering to the professional and original design since its establishment in 1999, focusing on creating a truly high-quality and youthful ceramic brand. After 20 years of development, Baite Ceramics has won numerous honors such as "National Customer Satisfaction Products, Famous Brand Products of China Ceramic Industry, Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province, Top Ten Brands of Ceramic Industry, and China Environmental Protection Products". It is one of the most competitive brands in the industry.
With the upgrading of China's consumption structure and the development and expansion of the main consumption force of the post-80s and post-90s generation, Baite Ceramics has always maintained the upward awareness of the brand and the super forceful power centering on the positioning of youth, trend and internationalization. In 2018, we joined hands with Mr. Huang Xiaoming, an international film star, to launch a new advertising slogan, "be a better version of yourself", to upgrade the brand image. Subsequently, brand construction and investment were increased in an all-round way. Brand image advertisements were launched on CCTV and cover more than 20 high-speed railway stations in the core cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc., so that brand influence in the industry and public popularity rose sharply.
After two decades of solid development and the launch of the brand youth strategy, Baite Ceramics brand upgrade launched the brand IP image - Chameleon. It symbolizes that Baite’s catch-up with the trend of the times. The cool colors represent the fashionable young lifestyle, which is also the beginning of Baite Ceramics to move forward to a higher goal.
Black technology: formaldehyde Removal, plain porcelain quality, light, three new products released globally
Focusing on the value of users' products, Baite Ceramics has launched three new products in 2019, namely "Formaldehyde Removal Series", "Plain Porcelain Series" and "Light Collection Series", in order to show its unique style of "diversified, personalized and younger". This is not only the inheritance and persistence of forging craftsmanship quality in the past 20 years, but also the sincere commitment to build a young household life scene for the vast number of consumers.
One of the most eye-catching is the Formaldehyde Removal Series. The series is a special material in addition to the platinum series and yttrium series elements as catalysts and burned into the tile body. This kind of products is able to absorb the light energy (both visible light and invisible light) and heat energy in the air, and continuously and permanently emit a light wave, which decomposing the formaldehyde in the room into CO2 and H2O, thus achieving the effect of air purification. According to the test result of authoritative institution, the formaldehyde removal rate of Baite Ceramics product reaches up to 78% in 24 hours.
Bright Future prospects: Huang Xiaoming, association experts, Shuncheng Group
On the same day of announcement, Huang Xiaoming unveiled the three series of new products for Baite. In the interview, he conveyed his view to home tiles to everybody and recognized the product development concept. Also, he mentioned his trust and will in using Baite Ceramics products in coming home renovation projects.
Miao bin, the Executive Vice President of China Building Health Ceramics Association, spoke highly of Baite's innovation and upgrades. Baite Ceramics has experienced a series of changes since last year, such as brand upgrading, product breakthrough, marketing segmentation and channel deepening, so that the outside world can feel the attitude and determination of a younger brand.
Liang Deyun, President of Shuncheng Ceramics Group, said in his speech that the three new products released by Baite represent the latest scientific and technological achievements of Shuncheng Ceramics Group. The new products are extremely advantageous in terms of functions and decoration effects. It is believed that Baite's new products will be well received by the market and consumers.
Lei Zhenye, General Manager of Baite Ceramics, said in his speech that 2019 is a key turning point of Baite Ceramics development, and it is also another brilliant new start of Baite in 20 years. In the future, Baite will always build better products and life experience for the majority of users through fine service based on consumer demand and product quality.
Baite staff have a young heart with bold innovation in the brand gene. Do better yourself, become the best Baite for the future
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