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CICPE 2019 | The 370 ㎡ Shunhui Pavilion Exhibits The Future Life And Home

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CICPE 2019 | The 370 ㎡ Shunhui Pavilion Exhibits The Future Life And Home
with the collision of colors, there is only one place where the collision of thinking is triggered in the life style, design trend, product innovation and other dimensions.
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CICPE 2019 | The 370 ㎡ Shunhui Pavilion Exhibits The Future Life And Home

Brand Dynamic
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Known as "Oriental bologna", China (Foshan) International Ceramics and Sanitary Ware Exhibition officially kicked off on April 19. In the exhibition on the major pottery enterprises shine, with the main design concept, the main product functionality. However, with the collision of colors, there is only one place where the collision of thinking is triggered in the life style, design trend, product innovation and other dimensions.
In order to have a look at the hot topic of the exhibition hall, editors have been lurking in the Shunhui exhibition hall for three days to solve the formation of the red and green landscape. Please follow the steps below small series, see what medicine this gourd sells.
Original Quality Excellent
The design of Shunhui exhibition hall focuses on the theme of "being true and outstanding"and divides Shunhui culture into two modules of "being true and outstanding".
In the overall design of the pavilion, a natural color module runs through the space. Red symbolizes the Chinese gene corporate culture where green symbolizes the sense of technology and aesthetics of modern architecture; the two in the collision hit out of the Chinese pottery enterprise is not the same, but also hit out of the future life.
In the exhibition hall, with shun excellent module to make plump. Through excellent work, excellent design, excellent space, three aspects of layout planning strive to create a comfortable living space for users, to bring more pleasure to the life of the beautiful vision.
Without further rambling, let's move on.
Good work
Shunhui pavilion, named “Danqing” pavilion, the halo of the leading role of Danqing stone in the whole pavilion design is particularly obvious. In the Shunhui pavilion, we can easily capture the extraordinary addition to this ace series.
Original high whiteness rice paper body + "scraping material - filling material cone" brush, presenting the essence of Chinese ink Danqing culture and art.
Five-dimensional steric fabric technology creates natural stone three-dimensional cutting effect. Tile patterns extends naturally throughout space placement
No zirconium raw material pressing technology, after firing the body whiteness up to 65 degrees, environmental health products.

Flexible production technology for various changeable patterns.
Double - arrowhead technique is one of the tactics of the attacking team system. Shunhui as an industry enterprising brand, the product layout in this exhibition is exactly using this turning tactic, in addition to bluestone, modern antique series by virtue of "3 beauty" grabbed many eyeballs.

It’s beautiful for the costumed design of Spanish designer whose outstanding fashion sense. 
It’s beautiful as Shunhui uses the German sima ink and Spanish IDA home glaze for the best color expression without defects and durable and easy to handle.
It’s beautiful that Shunhui applies layers of technology in production, such as multiple glaze superposition technology, multi-process combination technology, dry granule color point and line molding technology, dry pressing special glaze technology, and shaping texture fashion and safe space.
Excellent Design
"No design, no survival " is a true portrayal of the terminal market of the building materials industry today, and also reflects the importance of design attributes for enterprises. But how will design, product, consumer link together, Shunhui gave a beautiful answer sheet.
The unique architecture -- the combination of nature, order, geometry and module, etc., is driven by the continuous innovation of scientific research technology, which satisfies the yearning of different user groups for a better life.
New greenhouse era - single piece of art, the overall space of multi-dimensional. Convey the green and fashionable concept of living, but also expressed the Shunhui ceramic tile adhere to quality products, for the user to create comfortable living determination and action.
Red time ladder -- the ceramic tile stair of half suspension, bold red and line dredge inside and outside. Let the space, people, thinking, perception, social communication, people in the shuttle up and down to explore the fun. Shunhui brand design bold and innovative show incisively and vividly.
Wheat wave -- golden wheat is the color of early autumn, symbolizing harvest and prosperity, brimming with natural inspiration of life vitality, and showing the beautiful vision of Shunhui committed to creating a pleasant living space.
Excellent Space
"The space can talk" is the biggest experience of visiting Shunhui pavilion. Multi-dimensional experience activities such as hearing, vision, touch, taste and artistic conception are added to endow products with different personality attributes and create different space.

Personality is all in the size. The German philosopher Hegel once said: "music is a flowing architecture, and architecture is a solidified music". Through the hand disc, African drum, violin ensemble, give the Danqing stone notes beating vitality and size limit breakthrough.

Taste is in the design. Of tea sweet pure and fresh and free from vulgarity will contemporary archaize product and do not differ outline and give, of tea mellow also be like savoring contemporary archaize the mature connotation that the space should have.

Fashion is all about color. Shunhui red and Danqing green extend to the fine clothing. Beautiful women walk in the gray background space formed by Danqing stone and the red time tunnel to interpret the Oriental charm, just like displaying the quintessence of Chinese culture on the international stage, full of fashion.

Health lies in quality. As an old saying goes, good wares may outweigh good food. The natural and lifelike Danqing stone table is healthy and safe. It can be used directly as a vessel. The delicate echo of food materials and utensils, while enjoying delicious food, is also the embodiment of green environmental protection and healthy life.
Now let’s find out what KOLs of industry and design say about Shunhui Pavilion. 
Experts, celebrities, media, designers and so on have become Danqing talent and Danqing life appreciation officer. Waves of positive feedbacks have turned up in the circle of friends and the industry.
Groups of fans have turned up in the Shunhui Pavilion and showed supports online
Media, celebrity incarnation for Danqing Taste Officer for Shunhui.
The design and concept also appealed to the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. On the morning of April 21st, 42 representatives from Malaysia Foshan General Chamber of Commerce came to the exhibition hall of Shunhui for field investigation and purchase negotiation to create a new pattern of "One Belt And One Road" between China and Malaysia.
Shunhui 370 ㎡ Danqing Pavilion stands out among the China's ceramic enterprises, especially in terms of expectations of future life. The true color of Shunhui · outstanding Danqing pavilion is a national tour exhibition, which will continue to be exhibited in various exhibitions this year. Please follow us on Wechat and official website for more and further information. 
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