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Feature film | Our Focus

Feature film | Our Focus

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What is made in China?
Is it a good cheap dress?
Or is it a global gadget?
Today's made-in-china needs to be recognized for more than that!
The C919 aircraft was successfully developed in 2018,
In 2018, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge was officially opened to traffic.
2018 Huawei 5G world layout...

Made in China and Chinese brands start to dominate the world.

After 70 years of ups and downs, China has become the world's second largest economy, and at the same time has entered a crucial year for achieving all-round prosperity. To realize the Chinese dream, it is important to carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, advance the quality revolution, expand the real economy, and enhance China's overall competitiveness.

How A manufacturing company

To understand this historical background correctly?
To respond positively and seize historical opportunities to create greater business success?
And to create value for users and provide better products?
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!

Four Key Words Of Chinese Ceramic Manufacturing

China's ceramics industry will face disruptive changes in 2019. In the face of the current consumption upgrading, Internet, AR intelligent, big data and other emerging waves, Shuncheng Ceramics Group, representing the advanced level of China's ceramic manufacturing group, will hand over what kind of answer? What is the future of manufacturing?
Key Word 1: Quality
While the global supply chain is looking into the development of Chinese manufacturing, Shuncheng is once again going back to the source of materials and the whole manufacturing process. In the past 20 years, adhering to the business philosophy of "people first, quality first", Shuncheng has traveled to 233 countries and regions in the world, looking for better green resources, materials and advanced scientific research technologies. From a gravel in nature to a good ceramic tile in the home, it will go through at least 458 processes and 180 days of careful preparation.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!

In this process, Shuncheng set 12 quality levels up to international standards, and strives for excellence in every detail. Besides, it has reached long-term strategic cooperation with such companies as System Ceramic Equipment Company and Torrecid Glaze and established the largest semi-closed raw material base of 500-mu in the industry. Shuncheng selects high-quality raw materials with a professional team, applies scientific product formula and international advanced production technology, and ensures the quality of each product at the source.
Key Word 2: Technology
The essence of intelligent manufacturing is the deep integration of industrialization and informatization. As a national high-tech enterprise, Shuncheng now has three modern ceramic production bases, with a total area of over 4,000 mu and an annual capacity of over 120 million square meters. It has 40 large modern ceramic production lines, and the intelligent degree of industrialization has reached 80%, laying a solid foundation for intelligent manufacturing in the future.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!
In terms of informatization, Shuncheng will continue to maintain in-depth cooperation with the government scientific research center, accurately grasp the user dynamic big data, and successively set up Guangdong academician expert enterprise workstation, Foshan energy-saving and environmental protection ceramic engineering technology research and development center, Guangdong Ceramic Engineering Technology Research And Development Center and other scientific research centers. Through more than 8000 square meters of research and development technology center and a hundred professional design and technical team, combined with ceramic manufacturing high and new technology, developed "anti-bacterial anti-pollution patent certification", "negative ion ceramic sheet patent" and other inventions, utility models, appearance patents. To meet users with information, to improve the quality of industrialization. The deep integration of the two, along with the future of intelligent manufacturing to give a clear direction of development.
Key word 3: user-oriented
The future process of manufacturing industry must go to the middle and upper level of the value creation chain, return to customers and form the core creative ability. Creating value for users is one of the important initiatives of Shuncheng Ceramics Group in 2019. Professor Sean Meehan believes that user value is the satisfaction customers get from the products and services provided by enterprises.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!
In addition to product quality, technology, environmental protection, service excellent continuous output, on the users choice cost, shun into ceramic group to return to the customer to choose the origin, with its seven brands Shunhui, Baitee, Wangzhe, Meitao, Senni, Juncheng and BTP as a starting point, to layout, build differentiation brand, to meet consumer needs of multi-level. More than 9000 brand stores, more than 20,000 sales outlets, 40 regions to work together, channels continue to dig, more with Wanda Group, Country Garden, Greenland group and other well-known real estate business to establish a long-term strategic partnership, build a building where there is a beautiful blueprint of Shuncheng ceramics.
Key Word 4: sustainable development
China's economy has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading and high-quality development. Green also has a new era of questions. The transformation from protector to community of common destiny is a new interpretation of environmental protection in the new era. Shuncheng Ceramics Group, a green pioneer enterprise, not only continuously devotes its innovation to environmental protection to achieve zero pollution, but also builds a win-win and coexistence relationship with human beings.
To this end, Shuncheng will also increase investment in more areas. In terms of production, we will further treat waste gas, waste water, dust and solid waste in an all-round way. In terms of products, texture, texture and other multi-dimensional extraction of natural materials, to create a better living concept of forest city; In terms of the society, we also put forward the proposal of "protecting mountain forests", from which the society can give back to the society. Over the years, Shuncheng has been proud of promoting the green production in China's ceramic industry, which has enabled green concepts to take root and sprout, and environmental protection to break through.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!
Made in China 2025 was adopted at an executive meeting of the state council in 2015. In December 2018, the central economic work conference once again put forward that promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry is one of the key tasks for China's economy in 2019. From the current point of view, the upgrade of made-in-china to made-in-china and made-in-china intelligent manufacturing will be realized, with the user as the center, and the quality revolution will be comprehensively promoted through high and new technology. This is not only the only way out for China's manufacturing industry, but also the broad prospect and bright future of China's manufacturing industry.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!
For enterprises, the Chinese ceramic manufacturing industry in 2019 has reached the watershed of success and failure and has reached the stage of survival and development. Complaints and self-appreciation of any form cannot avoid the ruthless market competition and brutal challenges of life and death, only the transformation and upgrading of high-quality development to a bright future. We sincerely hope that with an eye on the international stage, China's quality products and smart products, represented by Chna, can shine in the world.
你不能错过 2019,四大核心关键词!

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