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Brand dynamic | The New Treasure Code of Shunhui Ceramic Tiles

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Brand dynamic | The New Treasure Code of Shunhui Ceramic Tiles

Brand Dynamic
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Twenty years of in-depth product research and development,Shunhui Ceramic Tiles periodically launched new products to meet the needs of consumers for a better life. 2018 was the year of the application of innovative materials and technology in ceramic tile, which perfectly integrates the texture, beauty and emotion of ceramic tile, and launches three new series of customized big slabs, red and blue stone and porcelain casting brick 3.0.

01 Big slabs customization | The world is big because of what we think

Customized big slabs signal the era of ceramic tile customization has come. The unique charm of natural stone material, strong plasticity, natural patterns and warm texture is always one of the favorite architectural designers cannot give up. However, many precious stone, by the scarcity of resources and non-renewable impact, let the design of a heavy regret. Shunhui Ceramic Tiles puts forward the concept of customized big slabs, breaking through the material limitations, using 3D inkjet printing technology, one by one restore natural stone color texture, surface texture is natural, texture is fine, moist and beautiful, natural permeability.
Not only the patterns can be customized according to provided samples, but also the thickness according to different requirements, including 12.5mm, 8.0mm, 5.5mm etc. Under the 16800 tons large press, super wide body kiln, original 2+8+4 multi-combination ink-jet printer, automatic color correction and identification system, leading global flexible production technology, kiln multi-point intelligent temperature control technology, Shunhui is the world's most advanced ceramic tile production technology collection.
Achievements 1200*2400 large size specifications, large patterns, high clarity, high realistic, multi-level, surface effect to achieve "not stone, more like stone" effect, really "difficult to tell" between the big slabs and natural stone. Large texture and large size are able to help designers express all kinds of design language and fully meet the consumer's personalized decoration needs. Break the specification limit, not just big!

02 Painters stone | Art Outlines urban life

2018 Shunhui Ceramic Tiles continue the development of new products. In the Ceramic Fair, Shunhui launched the "Danqing stone" series, which inspired by the Chinese ink painting where it’s near realistic in abstract distance, with subtle color and rich artistic conception. This artistic conception of the beauty, from near to far, from deep to shallow, is a transparent beauty.
Danqing stimulates the beauty of technology and responds to the interest of life. Shunhui put forward the concept of industrial manufacturing art, copied ink painting technique, used for research and developed the real texture transparent porcelain tile, with no zirconium raw material pressed into white, high white texture let life bearing more colors, scraping and filling the meticulous brush outline lines, making the natural smoothly casual. Tracing ink-jet out of natural texture, from the inside out to the transparent life more real.
Transparent painting connotation is often more profound. There are many kinds of life; the more thorough understanding is, the more exploration and hence the more surprise. The texture and colors of Danqing stone series are infinitely close to the natural stone whose tile body shows the texture effect of approaching the natural color. The texture permeability is extremely strong, achieving the ceramic tile surface and body "inside and outside" consistency.
Different household defines color and implied differently. It is stylist who has given explanations of good life and respect. The natural color is the fashionable aesthetic that has temperature more. Danqing derived from Shunhui's dedication to product development and attention to the use of color.

03 Porcelain Tile 3.0 | Continuous Grain Tile Sets

In December 2018, the new product of Shunhui Ceramic Tiles was officially launched -- the 3.0 series of Continuous Grain Porcelain Tiles, which was upgraded from the original 2.0 foundation of continuous grain porcelain tiles. Moreover, the advantage of continuous grain was increased. The natural and clever texture was connected end to end, and the layout of six-combined-into-one could be extended to all directions indefinitely. The series is wear-resistant, convenient for transportation and paving. Continuous texture through the body of porcelain tiles to upgrade, natural and clever sense of the picture, shaping a very tension and expression of the home space.
The overall placement on the wall from further away looks like a huge art painting; a large picture causes visual effects that are second to none in terms of artistic level or visual impact. When you move closer, the surreal texture is natural, soft and delicate but rich in changes. The continuous grains of the stone create an open atmosphere in the home space.
On the one hand, it shows the momentum of nature, with infinite artistic conception, endless reveries and magnificent momentum, fully showing the flexibility and infinite vitality of nature, bringing nature home completely, and living up to the gifts of nature. On the one hand, it also exhibits the psychological ambition, generous and heroic spirits.
Home environment represents the home owner’s inner world. Integration of mind and nature makes the whole space open and tolerant, freeing oneself from stress and restrain. Product is higher wear-resistant. The 600x1200 size is convenient in transportation, paving, shaping a natural and clever space effect. The overall home space becomes more expressive.
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