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Li Bingbing endorses Shunhui: another successful case of star endorsing marketing

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Li Bingbing endorses Shunhui: another successful case of star endorsing marketing
Recently, the low-key Li Bingbing finally has a new dynamic: cooperating with Shunhui Tile, one of China's top ten ceramic brands, to become its brand spokesperson.
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Li Bingbing endorses Shunhui: another successful case of star endorsing marketing

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She is the symbolic first-tier actress 
She is a dutiful daughter who often takes her parents around the world.
She is an environmental activist who has devoted herself to “One Earth Hour” for 10 consecutive years and promised to “be green till 80 years old".
Li Bingbing, the international superstar
Recently, the low-key star Li Bingbing finally has a new dynamic: Cooperate with Shunhui Ceramic Tile, one of China's top ten ceramic brands, to become its brand spokesperson. Inviting Li Bingbing to be the brand spokesperson is not only a new marketing journey for star spokesperson of Shunhui Ceramic Tile, but also a textbook marketing case of the ceramic industry.
"Starlet" endorsement is popular, the strength of the queen value crushing
In today's fierce competition in the industry, it is a trend to choose a "Starlet" as the endorsement of the current brand promotion. From the perspective of brand communication, the fans effect can help the brand improve its popularity and reputation in a short time and bring about sales transformation. Therefore, many mobile phone, beverage and other industry brands frequently looking for popular starlets endorsement phenomenon. Different at fast pass article, consumer of industry of household building materials is general reason, after the discharge bonus of short time passes, the value precipitation that leave just should be ceramic tile industry chooses the key that spokesman considers. It is not hard to see that Shunhui invited Li Bingbing to be the brand spokesperson not only because of the traffic of more than 40 million Weibo fans, but also because Shunhui hoped that with the help of Li Bingbing's influence as an international superstar, the compatibility between the two sides would be deposited into long-term brand value.
The Essence Of Celebrity Endorsement Marketing: Celebrity Chooses The Brand Herself 
When choosing spokespersons, brand owners should not only consider the degree of transformation brought by spokespersons to enterprises, but also consider how to give full play to the value superposition effect of both sides and achieve win-win results of spokespersons from the perspective of spokespersons choosing brands. In this level, that Li Bingbing endorses Shunhui Ceramic Tile is a successful case undoubtedly.
It is one of the labels of Li Bingbing that she is selective celebrity in cooperation. Every film she participates in is an artistic pursuit and the professional shaping of different roles. She is a self-demanding artistic pursuer. From "Coming Home for Chinese New Year" of 1999 to "Waiting Alone" and "No Thief In the World", to "Yunshui Ballad", "The Wind" and other excellent works, she has been demanding herself to create every role with high standards. The perseverance for product and service quality of Shunhui Ceramic Tile is similar to Li’s hard work and character in the entertainment industry and environment proposition. 
Li Bingbing, the global ambassador for WWF's "earth hour" and the UN environment program’s international goodwill ambassador, has always followed the low-carbon lifestyle.
Posting photos of her family traveling with her family is quite common on Li Bingbing's Weibo. The news headlines about her are often warm interactions with her family: "Li Bingbing takes a trip to the seaside with her family", "Li Bingbing posts a warm family photo of her birthday", "Li Bingbing posts a warm photo of her eating noodles with her parents"... Caring about her family is one of Li Bingbing's profound images in the eyes of the public. As a brand committed to providing high-quality ceramic tile products for modern living space for families, Shunhui Ceramic Tile creates a people-oriented, human-in-nature comfortable living space, guaranteeing the harmonious and happy vision of every family, and perfectly matching the image of Li Bingbing's family.
According to these several aspects, no brand in the ceramic industry is more suitable than Shunhui Ceramic Tile endorsement by Li Bingbing. Between her and Shunhui mutual attraction, mutual influence, common choice is the same tacit understanding.
Li Bingbing & Shunhui, behind the fit is a win-win effect
As an international actress who has won such honors as "Best Actress of Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award", "Best Actress of China Huabiao Film Award", "Best Actress of Public Film Hundred Flowers Award" and "Best Actress of Singapore International Film Festival". What Shunhui has brought is more guarantee of credibility and support of international influence. It is understood that Shunhui will be in CCTV1, CCTV2, CCTV13 CCTV channel throughout the year on advertising. The next movement will be based on Li Bingbing as the core, a series of communication action, firmly in the ceramic industry to occupy the first brand determination, not only bring image improvement for their own brand, but also for Li Bingbing's popularity and influence to make a contribution.
Only by deeply discovering the long-term value that the spokespersons bring to the brand can we get the maximum benefit in celebrity endorsement marketing. Li Bingbing endorses Shunhui event, in the whole ceramic industry brand marketing process, must leave a deep mark.
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