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Spring moisture-proof mildew strategy, specialize in "lazy cancer" you!

Spring moisture-proof mildew strategy, specialize in "lazy cancer" you!

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      In spring, the temperature rises and the air is moist. Although it is a good time for all things to grow, it may mean mold and damage for many household products. The following small series will share with you a few coups to deal with the "wet and severely affected areas".
Shuncheng Ceramics Group
Wall wallpaper
If you want to avoid rain and mildew in rainy weather wallpapers, pay attention to the selection of materials. In addition, daily maintenance can also help the wallpaper moisture and mildew.
1. Alcohol or 84 disinfectant
The mold on the wallpaper just started to grow into a smaller group, and the cloth can be wiped with 5% alcohol or a 1:24 ratio of 84 disinfectant.
2. Dry product moisture absorption
The large space generally uses a professional dehumidifier, or an air purifier with dehumidification function; if the space is small, the dry tea leaves packed in the cloth bag can be placed near the mildew mold, and the dehumidification can also be musty.
3. Repost wallpaper
If the area of the mold is large, it usually reaches 1/3 of the wall, and all kinds of sterilization methods are invalid. It is recommended to shovel the original wallpaper and wall decoration and re-attach the wallpaper.
Shuncheng Ceramics Group
Wooden floor
The raw material of the wooden floor is wood. The temperature in the spring rises, the humidity of the air increases, and the mold grows fast. If the surface of the wooden floor is not waterproof, it is easy to get wet in the wet days, even arching and cracking, for home life. Bringing a lot of inconvenience.
For the mildew on the floor surface, you can use the unique grinding effect of the toothpaste, remove it, polish it with a rag, and apply a special wood protectant to the floor.
2. Bleach water
For a small amount of mildew on the surface of the floor, it can be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:3 with warm bleach, and wiped with a soft rag on the bleaching solution.
3. Remove the resurfacing
If the floor is laid on the floor without glue, and the floor of the edge is found to be moldy, please ask the professional to remove it.
Shuncheng Ceramics Group
Switch socket
The copper core protected by nickel plating technology can be oxidized and corroded in a humid environment to ensure the conductive effect of the copper core.
Shuncheng Ceramics Group
Well, this home's moisture-proof mold to the small coup, you have got it?

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